Dear OCS,

I am the mother of Ramesh K. who is a 29 year old female, diagnosed with an Intellectual Disability and entitled to on going case management services from the San Diego Regional Center (SDRC). Last year, I was made aware of a discrepancy in Ramesh's monthly SSI benefits. I was referred to the Social Security office to address this issue but to my lack of knowledge, I was not able to resolve the problem. I discussed the matter with my Social Worker (Mahvash A.) of SDRC. She then referred us to Ms. Charlene Autolino of Outreach Consulting Services. Charlene and Mahvash accompanied Ramesh and I to the Social Security office in August and with Charlene's guidance and expertise the matter was finally rectified and her SSI benefits increased from $659.00/month to $889.00/month.

I would like to express our appreciation to Ms. Charlene Autolino for sharing her knowledge and experience with us and helping us to successfully resolve the discrepancy in my daughter's SSI Benefits.

Nahid H.

Lemon Grove

Dear OCS,

Hello, my name is Diana Tran and I am the current Community Outreach Coordinator for UCSD Pre-medical club AMSA. Charlene has worked with our club for 4 years. One of the bigger responsiblities as Community Outreach Coordinator is to plan UCSD AMSA's annual Health Fair. Our annual health fair provideds an underprivileged community with immediate helath serrvices and health information that they might not have readily available to them. In the past we've had over 45 participating vendors and with the help of Charlene we are able to increase the numbers each year.

When I first came into this position, I was very nervous of what was to come of this position. The Health Fair is a big part of our club and I didn't think I had what it took to pull off something of its imporatance. Our health fair committee started off really slow in the beginning but with the help of Charlene, we were able to geth the ball rolling faster. Charlene advised me on how to be stern but motivating to ensure my committee was doing everything in our power to make our health fair run smoothly. She also gave me and the rest of the committee great advice on how to speak to health care professionals and convince them that their participation in our health fair would be beneficial to both parties. With her guidance, my team and I were able to book over 45 vendors for our health fair.

One thing that I really admire about Charlene, and something I've learned from her over the course of this year, is that community service isn't about making yourself look good. To Charlene, community service is really about helping out the community and the less fortunate. Our health fair gets bigger and bigger each year with the increasing number of attendees to about 300, but Charlene puts on events for over 1500 people. When Charlene speaks about her work, you feel inspired. Sometimes people forget the true meaning of community service, but after speaking with Charlene, you remember that you plan these events, such like the Health Fair, to give back to those who are less fortuante and might not have the same opportunities we are so luck to have.


La Jolla, CA